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I love my mum dearly. She is the best and cutest person ever, 100% my role model. Not only did she teach me how to have entrepreneurial dreams but she taught me that working hard pays off when you really set your mind to something. She started Jacaranda Living when I was 12 years old. Today, the company has grown so much and every year I help out at trade shows in NYC and Atlanta. The company, with the help and support from my dad, is growing everyday with new products and new brands joining us. I am obsessed with most of the items we sell as they are purely soft cotton hand embroidered products made in South Africa.

Love the 100% soft cotton pajamas and sleepwear. Here are three of my favorite pieces from Jacaranda Living:

Barbara Nightie
Lyndy Pajamas


Lorraine Pajamas

Loungewear is the new chic, street style this year. Women are wearing lounge and activewear out more and more. I love it.  Below are my favorite items from Natori for Mother’s Day that I am currently loving – for both mum and daughter:

Josie Natori Cotton Voile Short Caftan

The soft french cotton with delicate embroidery is perfect mother-daughter style.

Josie Natori Cotton Voile with Lace Gown
Natori Cotton Voile with Applique PJ

The crisp white PJ with embroidery detail is so cute! My mum would love this.

Natori Fiore Pajamas. My mum would be obsessed with these!

Thanks to the Josie Girl blog for inspiring me with some of her Mother’s Day picks from After all, where else would one shop for moms? Natori is the best to find the perfect gifts every mom would love from chic everyday sports bras to evening wear dresses. The gift my mum just received and is absolutely raving about is the Natori Sports bra – it’s selling out so shop it now!




I’m loving Natori’s Mother’s Day Pinterest page  for other ideas for the mum who deserves the absolute best. Click to find out other styles mom would love.

All of these pieces are great for Spring and Summer. I can see myself wearing the voile short caftan out to brunch with friends and lounging at home.

This Mother’s Day, I am sad I won’t be with my mum in Boston. I wish I could get her everything on my Mother’s Day gift list for her but she gets it – the expenses of living in NYC and working in the competitive fashion industry. NYC is so damn expensive! My mum is the best and so understanding, she never ceases to amaze me with her determination to make Jacaranda a success and remain fit with her work outs and yoga classes every single day. She’s a vegetarian and doesn’t drink. Need I say more? Thanks for being the best mum, you are amazing and everyday I think of how much I really admire you and value how close we are.

I love you mum and hope you have a very special day on May 7th. You deserve the best on Mother’s Day and everyday!

x, G


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  1. There should be a Daughter’s Day for us mothers to share our love and admiration….
    LOVE my Natori Sports bra, super comfortable and zero bounce! 🙂

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