Brooklyn escape this past weekend and loved it. The streets are calmer. A lot more visible trees, open roads and blue sky, and finally less loud yellow cabs… Hello Brooklyn!

Nick, Andrew and I ubered from my friend’s Nyc rooftop party across the bridge to BK for a shuffleboard party! It was hilarious – interesting crowd of Brooklyners tapped into our weird side –


Couldn’t resist this blow up seahorse to take home. Party favors!

We played shuffleboard, had unlimited drinks, and danced with the hipsters in a large auditorium type of room. Such a cool adventure, very different experience than we usually find ourselves in on a Saturday afternoon. I would definitely recommend it to friends!

I love finding out new places to go to on weekends in New York. The adventure is always the best to take with good friends. The day couldn’t have started out any better with Chipotle and Mimosas with me, Nick and Andrew (squad in the above photo). We ended up going to my friend’s rooftop party in Manhattan before journeying out to the suburbs of Brooklyn.


Flamingos in the Brooklyn bathroom…


Royal Palms Shuffleboarding

Sunday morning run along the west side highway.

Froyo on nick’s balcony in Little Italy:)

Such a fun weekend. Couldn’t have been nicer weather either. Spring, I feel you coming!




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