Purple feels

I’ve always loved the color purple. It has contrasting tendencies from exotic to cool to mysterious to bright and happy. I felt inspired from the new season to create more outfits inspired with this color. I love beauty and make up and almost always have purple eyeliner. I think for my hazel eyes the purple makes the glow turn a big green and golden.

Some purple loving pics inspired me to share this post about my true love for the color and everything warm & springy.

Natori Feathers T-back bra and panty set

Shop here to get the Natori Feathers T-Back bra.

As a native South African peacocks have always been a favorite animal of mine. We had them in South Africa at the botanical gardens almost everywhere. So exotic and beautiful.

What is your favorite color ? What color do you like to hide in or wear to be in the spotlight? Everyone has their personal colors of comfort that they gravitate towards. We can’t help it. For me, I learned as a kid that mine would be purple and it has barely changed since.

x, G

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