Problems with Retail

After working in retail for almost a year in NYC at the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store, I feel strongly about the way the sales professionals and stylists were treated. Recently, a WWD article has been sent out to explain the issues with the on call system that most retailers adhere by. I am so thankful that someone, namely NY’s District Attorney Eric Schneiderman, is finally declaring issues with the scheduling practices of retail stores.

Schneiderman said that on call scheduling practices when workers are only notified an hour before their shift is absolutely unfair and takes a strain on their health and prevents them from having normal routine.

“Without the security of a definite work schedule, workers who must be ‘on call’ have difficulty making reliable child care and elder-care arrangements, encounter obstacles in pursuing an education, and in general experience higher incidences of adverse health effects, overall stress, and strain on family life than workers who enjoy the stability of knowing their schedules reasonably in advance.” -wwd

It’s about time we have some reasonable rules put in place for the poor hard working people at retail. It’s hard enough to not be able to plan out your week, but day? Give them a break. I absolutely do not miss one thing about working in retail… except the friends I made. And yes, I am thankful for learning patience, improving on my style and fashion tips, and dressing clients that became my friends.

I know everyone has jobs they look back on and think, “wow, how did I survive such horrible working conditions, pay and lack of freedom.” The amount of micromanaging that goes on at retail was enormous and insufferable. I am only grateful for coming out a stronger person and being that much more thankful for the strides I’ve made towards having a career in PR and marketing at a great fashion company like Natori.


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