Miss Universe

Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, is drop dead gorgeous wearing Josie Natori. Pick up the March ’16 issue of People Asia to read about her incredible journey to becoming Miss Universe and how flawless she looks wearing Josie Natori eveningwear.


In the article, “Confident is the Head that Wears the Crown,” Pia or Miss Universe is interviewed wearing Josie Natori satin gowns from Spring and Resort collections. The beautiful decor of the room highlights the beautiful woman wearing the crown. She is flawless. The photo shoot and interview was done by the PeopleAsia team at the Waldorf Astoria’s Ole World lure in New York City.

The 26 year old beauty queen describes the journey she took through her life to get to where she is today. When judge Steve Harvey failed to grant the correct crown to the right winner, Pia was understandably upset and admits she still hasn’t forgotten the incident.  The mix up became a large controversy because it stripped Miss Colombia of her crown and sent her home in shame. Pia, the Phillipine born and bred winner ,had to forgo her victory walk as the other woman was given the crown first and took away the spotlight.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for Pia but we are so glad to see her quoting the saying, “Don’t beat yourself up for this anymore. Come on. Let’s move forward, let’s be happy,” to which Steve replied, “You are an absolute class.”

Philippine Background:

Pia’s parents split when she was nine but they were of biracial families. Pia said that was never a problem and no clash of cultures were evident. Similar to the Natori family who come from Manila and Japan. This clash of cultures only makes working at Natori so much more exciting. Everything is new and interesting, unpredictable and colorful. There is no one culture we sway to more, although the east meets west philosophy is extremely evident in all of Mrs. Natori’s designs and inspiration. The design team who made the eveningwear gowns that Pia Wurtzbach is wearing in this featured article in PeopleAsia is so detailed and intricately embellished that it truly makes Pia  that much more flawless & alluring in that opulent hotel room.

The gorgeous winner now has the hashtag #confidentlybeautifulwithaheart that all her fans obsess over and use when posting photos of Pia. The fan following is unbelievably supportive, which goes to show how confident and gorgeous inside and out the beautiful 26-year-old is.


Thanks to the stylist, Vincent Dabao, for pulling off her gorgeous appearance so flawlessly. Thanks to the photographer and friend from the Josie Natori RTW fashion week presentation I met at Doubles Club, Filbert Kung for the gorgeous photos and interesting conversations during our fashion show. You did a truly amazing job with this article.


Order Miss Universe’s dresses at natori.com

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