Get Lost & Explore

I love finding a new place to travel to and explore. It’s so important for cultural awareness, self improvement, philosophizing, and creating lasting memories. My favorite adventure is always a boho inspired trip to a place like Mexico. I am absolutely dead set on going to Cabo in the next few months.Hopefully it happens in April or May. The countdown to my next festival starts (DYING to go to Coachella in Cali & Burning Man in the desert, Nevada).


Boho hippie inspired looks make me happy. I love the beach and I love hippie head bands and not wearing shoes. Probably because of my roots in South Africa on the beach, on the farm, and running wild as a kid. Below are some of my favorite festival/spring break adventure type of looks from= fringe, florals, crop tops, and headpieces.

❤ braids & floral headbands

It is so important to travel. I love music and love exploring and can’t wait to get out there, whether it’s Cabo or Coachella, I’m just so excited for warmer weather and my next vacation.


I don’t care how long it takes but I’m going somewhere beautiful. You might be poor on money but rich in life.

For more inspo on my hippie infatuation and love for boho style, visit my pinterest board.

Explore. Live. Go.



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