Quick Florida Getaway

My family, boyfriend and brother’s girlfriend Ally and I escaped the cold and went to Palm Beach for the weekend. Thank god! I had been absolutely dying to get away from the freezing cold temperatures.

Eager beavers on the move to FL

Exploring Clematis street

Walking around clematis street was so much fun. I love that everything in Palm beach is so different. Even the banks are situated in palatial like buildings. Very cool.


Going into yoga poses on the beach and stretching it out in a wheel was the best feeling. Who isn’t happier on the beach/sand/tropics…?

Looking up, enjoying chicken sandwiches from Cityplace’s finest Cheese shop – bombdotcom chicken

Loved the bike rides through Palm Beach and looking at the beautiful houses. Thanks to Gus K. for lending us his bikes 

Palm beach bike rides along the Lake Trail. Decided to veto drink at Breakers and carry on the athletic route.

Sloane’s ice cream in Cityplace has been a family favorite for years.


Nick and I took a train to Delray Beach and watched the tennis tournament




Unfortunately the skies were cloudy but we made the best of it… seaweed beards always kill it.

“Loved it” – NG

So here’s to PB AND THANKING YOU for getting me out of the claustrophobic cold city of New York.


Spirit airlines are the worst. Never use them

hello new york city

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