BelowZero: Vermont Ski Trip

We braved the -50 degree ski trip to Vermont this past weekend. Me, my boyfriend Nick, my brother Sean, and his girlfriend, Ally. It was so insanely far for me and Nick to get all the way to Boston on that Friday night from NYC and then wake up at 6 am the next day to drive all the way up to Dover, VT.

I was SO excited to get out of Manhattan though. The past few weeks since Christmas I feel the claustrophobia engulfing me from all of the buildings hugging the tiny narrow streets. It was a trip that was much much needed. I can’t believe we chose to go on a weekend that was literally too cold to ski, and we have had weeks of warm weather. At least it’s better than going and not having any snow.

The conditions were fine, but very icy and a lot of it seemed like fake snow. I loved that all of us kept up in the same pace as each other. Thank god because everyone hates a slow skier.


IT WAS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tons of fun though, and so pleased we made it to Layla’s Riverside Lodge – an airBNB I found online. The place was so warm and cozy with dogs everywhere. The best place to go if you love dogs and love breakfast. It was a mile away from Mount Snow where we skied one day and then the second day we drove 30 mins to ski at Stratton, a bigger mountain.



celebrating valentine’s day in below zero degree temperatures having red wine & cheesing.

Lots of indulging: red wine, nacho overload, clam chowder in bread bowls, cookies, fries, chicken fingers and beer galore. Staying warm with comfort food was the only way to do it!

It was a happy Valentine’s day weekend. So pleased we went and can’t wait for next year’s ski trip… hopefully to Aspen, Colorado 🙂




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