The best things in life are sweet

I baked some delicious crunchies last night – a South African recipe and an all time favorite in history of desserts. I make this at least every other month and my friends and family are obsessed.
crunchie recipe_before
Recipe below:
I would get two big bowls to start.
set oven 350 degrees
all wet ingredients first and then you add the dry ingredients in. Then you split the dry and wet after in two diff bowls if you want to split raisens in one half and walnuts and chocolate chips in the other. (I throw in random stuff so do as you please!)
– one egg (mix with the butter, and then the sugar, and then beat in the milk)
– one 3/4 stick of butter
– one cup milk
– one 3/4 cup sugar
– one tsp vanilla essence
– 3/4 tsp salt
– 1/2 tsp baking soda
after all the above is mixed in thoroughly, start adding the dry ingredients
– 2 cups all purpose flower
– 3 to 4 cups Quaker old-fashioned oats (it’s fine if you use reg Quaker oats)
– then add the walnuts, chocolate chips, raisens as you please
– I personally add walnuts/pecans/coconut/m&Ms/reeses/CADBURY chopped into pieces and then some semi sweet choc chips and some raisens. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are great additions too
If too dry add some more milk and/or a small tablespoon of water to the mix
mix well
then get a large casserole dish and place it in there and flatten the top.
then put in oven, set cooking timer for 20 minutes. check on it and if you think looks too soft then leave in for another minute but not much more because it continues to bake even after it’s out!
I love tea time. Another civilized afternoon and evening ritual we have in South Africa that my American friends need to take advantage of more often than they do! The best tea is Red Roses or Twinings. English Breakfast… standard, delicious, with a small dose of milk.
crunchie recipe_after
Nothing is better than a big hot mug of tea and a sweet delicious crunchie before bed, especially on a cold winter day in the city… before STORM JONAS hits.
Stay warm


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