Keep Cozy with Slippers

I had a very relaxing holiday and happy new year with lots of baking, reading, and time with family and friends. That’s what holidays are all about – time to reflect and unwind.

My favorite thing to do at home over the holidays? Getting cozy! Especially getting cozy with my warm, snug Jacaranda Living Ginger Jar slippers. Candles are important too, and of course having my pretty tissue box cover with the Bee Wreath on my mantel for emergency use :). The tissue box matches my bee wreath curtains and light blue duvet covers, and I just love them together. It makes my whole room brighten up and I love melting into this tranquil doze with light blue all around me and a glowing candle. Soft music playing in the background, the smell of warm vanilla, and Jacaranda Living slippers to keep my feet warm. Getting cozy after stressful days/weeks at work is so important for the human mind. It is especially comforting during the months of December and January – when the weather is so frigid and it gets so dark so quickly!\
Obsessed with being cozy and comfortable, I couldn’t imagine feeling as relaxed as I did over the holidays without my Jacaranda Living pajamas, slippers and tissue box covers. Check out all of the designs at

For more styles of slippers, go here: for extra #coze

Have any new year resolutions? How about remembering to RELAX and keep WARM in some Jacaranda Living slippers. 🙂


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